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Multiplayer, Competitive, Teamwork, Survival
TLDR: PUBG, awesome hunger games styled shooter where you need to fight your way to be the last one standing, forcing adrenaline through your system the whole time.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, an experience of getting shoved into a plane with 99 other people and getting forced to fight each other. PUBG as its nicknamed is an online player versus player hunger games styled shooter, which can conveniently be played in both first and third person.


PUBG is a round based game where you first search for a match (which only takes a small amount of time because of how many concurrent players there are), paradrop from an aircraft and hope that you land somewhere that doesn't have too many other players. After you've landed the main objective is to mainly stay alive, loot various buildings to get better gear to kill players. Do this all while making sure you keep up with the electric circle that will slowly get smaller to push players into a smaller area. If you manage to survive and be the last player/duo/squad left standing then Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

There are also events such as the bombing zone and air drops to both help and bring you into harm's way. Care packages contain powerful weapons and loot but you probably won't be the only one going for that red box in the middle of that great big open paddock so make sure to watch your back. The solid objective of winning the match and being the last one standing makes your heart race the closer you get to it, I personally have only ever experienced that kind of adrenaline back in the days of DayZ Mod.


You'll only be able to make it to the end if you're a good shot or if you're getting carried by one of your mates. It's no easy task to master weapon mechanics, so you'd better make sure you also have a good position and situational awareness. PUBG fills the balance between arcade shooters and military simulators perfectly, the game uses bullet drop and travel time to make things even more interesting and even has various different attachments available for each weapon. Playing solo matches makes life slightly easier in my opinion because when you kill someone, you know they're dead and none of their buddies will by trying to get you back for it. Where as in duo or squad it's a different story, you want to make sure you're in a good position and coordinated to win team battles as they're no easy task.


The graphics in PUBG are fairly standard for a modern game at this time in 2018, they definitively can't compete with any major titles such as GTA V but they fit the bill and are pleasing on the eye. Although if you haven't got a mid to high tier PC be prepared to turn your settings down and have the map look like playdough, I highly recommend running this game off an SSD to improve texture loading times when you start your game. PUBG has some trouble with getting you stuck inside the walls of buildings and objects when your computer doesn't load the textures and models fast enough.

Hackers & Region lock

It has been all over the gaming community lately that PUBG has both a major problem with cheaters and its server system. Cheaters run all around the game ruining many of the games you will play and they don't seem to be going down in numbers either. It's extremely disappointing to be going so well in a match and then just get destroyed by a guy across the map with an SMG hitting all headshots without looking at you. Hopefully they fix this issue soon as right now it breaks the game a due to how likely it is to have a hacker in a match of 100 people. Region locking is also something that people think would help improve the playability of the game.

Region lock would force each player into the closest server to them to help minimise problems like language barriers and lag issues that PUBG currently has. There has been an influx of Asian players on both NA and OC servers even known there are servers in China and Korea. I don't exactly know why this is the case but it does get quite annoying not being able to understand your squad mates if you solo queue.


Overall PUBG is an awesome heart pounding experience with the developers working hard to add in new maps, weapons and bug fixes to keep things running smoothly. I honestly think this game will be top of the charts for months and maybe even years to come due to how much replayability it has. There are a few chicken dinners to be won along the way and I guarantee they will make your heart pound while you're getting them. See you on the battlegrounds!

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