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17/03/2018 5:31 PM

Outlast 2

Singleplayer, Horror, Immersive Atmosphere, Optimised
TLDR: The best horror on the market at the time of writing, step into the shoes of Blake who is stuck in the middle of the war between heaven and hell.

Outlast 2 in my opinion is the best horror game available right now (17/03/2018). It has breathtaking graphics, an immersive atmosphere and solid scare factor. Prepare yourself for the memories you must relive as Blake and the dark landscape you must scour to save your wife and escape both heaven and hell.


Unlike most horror games, you don't just wake up from being unconscious and all of a sudden need to escape a variety of baddies. In Outlast 2 you will take on the role of Blake, the camera operator for his wife whose current big story as a reporter is to find out what really happened to a girl who went missing in the Northern Arizona forest.

The opening scene of Outlast 2 contains Blake and his wife flying over the forest at night while attempting to record an introduction to the story. Suddenly the helicopter they are flying in experiences problems and crashes, after which the pilot is found strung up and horribly mutilated by Blake after he wakes up meters from the helicopter crash. Armed with nothing but his will to live and camera which is conveniently equipped with night vision and an audio visualiser he ventures deeper into the forest in search of his now missing wife.

Outlast 2, like its predecessor Outlast employs the tactic of not being able to fight back at whatever may be attempting to attack you. This creates an environment of fear and uncertainty as you progress through the various sections of the game. Which then brings us to the atmosphere of this unique title.


The pure darkness, limited battery supply and spine-chilling sounds as you advance through the darkness really do make you feel right there in the shoes of Blake. The hardcore god and Satan worshipers continuously chanting about their gods and the "child" of Satan himself proves to keep you on edge and question the ever-intensifying insanity of the people that are chasing you and your wife. You are truly immersed in this heart-pounding title.


As amazing as the atmosphere is, it does require a decent computer to run at maximum. Don't get too disappointed though, if you're willing to turn the settings down a little then you might still be able to break the 30 FPS barrier.

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who own a mid to high range PC then prepare yourself for the best experience you could possibly have in a horror in a long time. Turn off the lights, turn up the volume and get ready to step into the war between heaven and hell.


In my opinion Outlast 2 sits at a reasonable price of $30 USD, pick it up when you have the chance and if it's currently on sale then don't wait until it's too late! The experience this masterpiece will be able give you is worth $40 USD in my opinion.


Overall if you're looking for a new addition to your steam library, enjoy horror games and have a mid-range PC then you should definitively look into getting this game. I've been following the developers since the first Outlast and will continue to be following them after this release. I love the way they have implemented the no combat aspect to the series as it is all based on running and staying alive, this makes gameplay interesting and more challenging.

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