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19/03/2018 11:25 AM


Singleplayer, Beautiful Graphics, Short Story, Wilderness
TLDR: A beautiful experience that is sadly cut short because of its playtime, play as Henry, a Firewatch tower operator escaping from his everyday life.

Firewatch is a beautifully crafted art piece that sadly didn't last as long as it should have. You play as Henry, the new operator of a Firewatch tower overlooking a forest. He slowly develops a relationship with Delilah, the operator of another tower around a mountain over from Henrys. Throughout this beautiful yet short story you will develop your relationship with Delilah, although you never initially see her in person, you may in the future.


As stated above, you are playing in the shoes of Henry, a middle-aged man who gained a job as a fire lookout. Throughout developing your relationship with Delilah, you must do various tasks around the forest, slowly discovering and uncovering the beautiful nature that surrounds you. You will also do a bit of investigation to find out the mysteries behind some rather disturbing discoveries.

Firewatch doesn't contain any combat, as you are playing a middle-aged man that is just trying to escape from it all and explore. Most of the storyline is driven through deciding on what to say through your radio which creates a nice relaxing vibe that you don't have to concentrate too much on to enjoy


One of the key aspects for this title is the beautiful art they have created in the game world. Lighting, colours and landscape design all came into account when designing the world of Firewatch. Firewatch has a unique art style that just gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling that I can only compare with The Long Dark's art style.

On another note with Firewatch's graphics, they have a moderate demand from your PC. You probably won't have a very fun experience running on a laptop but if you have a mid-range tower then you should be able to stay well above 30 FPS.

Story Length

I hinted to this in my first paragraph that Firewatch was a little bit of a letdown because of the amount of actual playtime you get. There is little returned when you attempt to replay the game either. Firewatch contains about 2-4 hours of playtime, which is okay if you prefer singleplayer games over multiplayer considering the price of $20 USD. I still believe an extra hour or two of storyline would have served this title very well.


This review is a bit shorter than most of my other reviews, sadly because this game doesn't have too much to cover. Though if you are looking for a calming, smooth and beautiful experience then you should investigate this title, I would just make sure to remember that you might not be getting as much playtime as you expected out of it.

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