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Singleplayer, Multiplayer, 2D, Pocket Game, Survival
TLDR: Factorio is a 2D factory building game that you can use to fill in your spare time at a low price, you can spend days playing and never get bored!

Factorio has a slightly steep learning curve, but once you get around that be prepared to spend the next few months being addicted to this little gem! You'll be spending all your time from this moment forward developing your own facility to advance through scientific ages faster than ever before, reaching your goal of making it back to your home planet via a rocket.


This beautiful little 2D game will be perfect for people who love resource management and complex structure building. Factorio starts you off in a brand-new world with various different resource pools scattering the map. You first craft a pickaxe and start bashing away at the closest pool to gain the basics and begin to create your monopoly of conveyor belts and automatic crafting machines. You will also be required to create science labs that research new items and buildings so that you can further advance into the game. While you're doing all this, you have to remember to be economically friendly and not pollute the air too much, the more you pollute the planet the more its creatures (Aliens) will attack you and your factory.

Throughout building up your factory you can automate literally everything except for the placement of buildings. It's quite amazing in my opinion how they have allowed the player to do this. You will also be required to build train lines and build a power grid to supply your more advanced electric machines will electricity. You can even view exactly how much of each object/item your factory is creating in real time with the in-game UI.


Factorio uses an easy to run style of 2D graphics that you can view in one of the images provided. The graphics are extremely well optimised and can run on almost anything, you don't need a NASA datacentre to have a smooth experience. I do believe that the UI could do with a little work however, it's slightly bland and bare although it works well for displaying the graphs and information.


The multiplayer aspect of this game definitely needs some work, it's rather difficult to host a multiplayer game and even more so if you want to run a dedicated server. There are almost no administrative commands other than the basic ban and kick either. I think it's an awesome feature to have added but it definitely needs some work before it's easily used by the average user and has full functionality in that aspect.

Although it's not optimised for the average user it's still a lot of fun if you manage to get it working, playing with friends in this awesome title is something that will make the long hours you spend building and researching even more enjoyable.


At a reasonable price of $20 USD (at the time of writing) without a discount I don't see why you wouldn't want this great addition to your steam library! Grab it when you can, especially if it's currently on sale. Another small bonus is since you can run it on basically anything, you could download it and play on your work or student laptop during breaks or travelling to keep your mind occupied.


Overall Factorio is an amazing title that will last you hours on end, doesn't take much to run and even uses the steam cloud to save your game across computers. I will offer a word of warning though, there is a slightly steep learning curve for those that haven't played this type of game before. Factorio also takes a long time to complete (build the rocket ship to get you home), so don't be too discouraged and you find that you've spent 30 hours in the one world!

I'll be following the developers and be waiting patiently for their next release; can't wait to see what they have to offer!

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