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Singleplayer, Beautiful Graphics, Short Story, Wilderness
TLDR: A beautiful experience that is sadly cut short because of its playtime, play as Henry, a Firewatch tower operator escaping from his everyday life.

Firewatch is a beautifully crafted art piece that sadly didn't last as long as it should have. You play as Henry, the new operator of a Firewatch tower overlooking a forest. He slowly develops a relationship with Delilah, the operator of another tower around a mountain over from Henrys. Throughout this beautiful yet short story you will develop your relationship with Delilah, although you never initially see her in person, you may in the future. Gameplay As stated above, you are playing in the shoes of Henry, a middle-aged man who gained a job as a fire lookout. Throughout developing your relationship with Delilah, you must do various tasks around the forest, slowly discovering and uncovering the beautiful nature that surrounds you. You will also do a bit of investigation to find out the mysteries behind some rather disturbing discoveries. Firewatch doesn't contain any combat, as you are playing a middle-aged man that is just... Read More

Outlast 2

Singleplayer, Horror, Immersive Atmosphere, Optimised
TLDR: The best horror on the market at the time of writing, step into the shoes of Blake who is stuck in the middle of the war between heaven and hell.

Outlast 2 in my opinion is the best horror game available right now (17/03/2018). It has breathtaking graphics, an immersive atmosphere and solid scare factor. Prepare yourself for the memories you must relive as Blake and the dark landscape you must scour to save your wife and escape both heaven and hell. Gameplay Unlike most horror games, you don't just wake up from being unconscious and all of a sudden need to escape a variety of baddies. In Outlast 2 you will take on the role of Blake, the camera operator for his wife whose current big story as a reporter is to find out what really happened to a girl who went missing in the Northern Arizona forest. The opening scene of Outlast 2 contains Blake and his wife flying over the forest at night while attempting to record an introduction to the story. Suddenly the helicopter they are flying in experiences problems and crashes, after which the pilot is found str... Read More


Singleplayer, Multiplayer, 2D, Pocket Game, Survival
TLDR: Factorio is a 2D factory building game that you can use to fill in your spare time at a low price, you can spend days playing and never get bored!

Factorio has a slightly steep learning curve, but once you get around that be prepared to spend the next few months being addicted to this little gem! You'll be spending all your time from this moment forward developing your own facility to advance through scientific ages faster than ever before, reaching your goal of making it back to your home planet via a rocket. Gameplay This beautiful little 2D game will be perfect for people who love resource management and complex structure building. Factorio starts you off in a brand-new world with various different resource pools scattering the map. You first craft a pickaxe and start bashing away at the closest pool to gain the basics and begin to create your monopoly of conveyor belts and automatic crafting machines. You will also be required to create science labs that research new items and buildings so that you can further advance into the game. While you're doing all this, you have to remember to be economically f... Read More


Multiplayer, Competitive, Teamwork, Survival
TLDR: PUBG, awesome hunger games styled shooter where you need to fight your way to be the last one standing, forcing adrenaline through your system the whole time.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, an experience of getting shoved into a plane with 99 other people and getting forced to fight each other. PUBG as its nicknamed is an online player versus player hunger games styled shooter, which can conveniently be played in both first and third person. Gameplay PUBG is a round based game where you first search for a match (which only takes a small amount of time because of how many concurrent players there are), paradrop from an aircraft and hope that you land somewhere that doesn't have too many other players. After you've landed the main objective is to mainly stay alive, loot various buildings to get better gear to kill players. Do this all while making sure you keep up with the electric circle that will slowly get smaller to push players into a smaller area. If you manage to survive and be the last player/duo/squad left standing then Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!... Read More

Jedd Dryden AKA Jaffa Cakes

[ADogs] Aussie Dogs Reviews mainly reviews multiplayer games that contain a team element to them, but it isn't uncommon to see singleplayer games reviewed here too as popular titles change from time to time. If you want to make any requests or even just talk then feel free to add me on Steam or join TeamSpeak!

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